Our Company

Since 1970 our company has been dealing with the transformation of FRESH PRODUCTS coming EXCLUSIVELY from the mountains of the Calabrian Sila.

Our company history (English and German subtitles available)

The mushrooms are collected, selected and processed IN THE SAME DAY, in a traditional and genuine way, without the use of additives.

Our story begins long ago, over 50 years ago, in a small village in Calabria, in the Sila mountains, Campana, where mushrooms are picked and kept fresh from the day and gourmands recognize them as the most delicious in the whole Mediterranean basin.

These are Ovoli, Porcini, Galletti, Chiodini and other varieties that our company still transforms in a simple and straightforward way, as it once was, according to authentic peasant culture and without the use of additives.

To keep intact the aroma, flavor and any other natural value, we adopt the method of simple pasteurization in a bain-marie or thermal steam sterilization, thus obtaining authentic rarities, recognized by important magazines and gastronomic guides that honor us with their attention.

We do all this for a very refined clientele and above all for the best Italian and foreign restaurateurs.

We are also the only ones in Europe to produce “Chestnuts in Mostocotto” and “Fresh Figs with Bittersweet”, ideal delicacies to combine with dairy products or simple ice cream.

In addition to relaunching subtleties of incomparable simplicity as a message of the true Calabrian gastronomic culture, in the past we have also experimented with techniques to stimulate the production of forest mushrooms, focusing above all on porcini mushrooms.

This initiative was made possible thanks to the Administration of the Regional Forestry Company which believed in its validity, allowing experimentation in the Sila regional forests, where the forest and climate conditions are more favorable.