This extraordinary blend of mushrooms consists of Portentosi (Tricholoma portentosum), Chiodini (Armillaria mellea), Rositi (Lactarius deliciosus), and Porcini (Boletus luteus) in varying proportions, all harvested from the enchanting lands of Sila Calabrese.

Natural and Authentic Ingredients:

  • Our Mixed Mushrooms in Olive Oil result from a careful selection of high-quality mushrooms, meticulously handpicked and prepared. Each jar offers a balanced blend of these exquisite mushrooms.
  • The main ingredients include this extraordinary mushroom mix and top-grade olive oil. To enhance the flavor profile, we’ve added a touch of vinegar, salt, and select vegetable aromatics.

Diverse Flavors and Aromatic Richness:

  • Our Mixed Mushrooms in Olive Oil boast a unique and diverse flavor profile, capturing the essence of Sila Calabrese. This blend offers an exceptional culinary experience thanks to the variety of mushrooms used.
  • Our olive oil helps preserve the freshness and authentic aroma of this blend, delivering an outstanding gastronomic experience.

Versatility in the Kitchen:

  • These Mixed Mushrooms are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. They can be served as an appetizer, paired with fresh bread or cheeses, to delight the palates of your guests.
  • They also make an extraordinary condiment for stuffing sandwiches, focaccia, pizzas, or fresh pasta dishes. Add a touch of sophistication and authentic flavor to your favorite recipes.

With our Mixed Mushrooms in Olive Oil, you can savor a blend of exceptional flavors straight from nature. Each bite encapsulates the diversity and culinary heritage of Sila Calabrese. Packaged with care and dedication, these mushrooms are perfect for elevating special moments in the kitchen or sharing a unique gastronomic experience with friends and family.