This extraordinary product consists of chili peppers filled with a delicious Porcini Mushroom cream, made with high-quality ingredients, including olive oil, vinegar, salt, and vegetable aromas.

Refined Spiciness:

  • “Tronchetti Silani” are a captivating blend of intense flavors. The heat of the chili peppers harmoniously combines with the richness and complexity of the Porcini Mushroom cream, creating a unique flavor contrast.
  • This product offers a bold and spicy culinary experience that will satisfy the most adventurous palates.

Versatile and Flavorful:

  • “Tronchetti Silani” are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. They can be enjoyed as an appetizer, a flavor explosion to kickstart your meal, or used as a condiment to fill sandwiches and crackers.
  • Some of our creative customers also use them in the preparation of pasta dishes to add a spicy and aromatic twist to their recipes.

Spiciness with Style:

  • This product is ideal for those who love spiciness with a touch of refinement. The unique combination of chili peppers and Porcini Mushroom cream makes Silani Firecrackers a spicy condiment that shines with its originality.

“Tronchetti Silani” are the perfect choice for those seeking a spicy condiment with a touch of elegance. Get ready to delight your palate with a combination of bold and refined flavors.