This artisanal delicacy is carefully prepared using a selection of high-quality Porcini mushrooms, including Boletus aereus, aestivalis, edulis, and pinophilus, harvested from the captivating mountains of Sila Calabrese.

Natural and Genuine Ingredients:

  • Our Porcini Mushrooms in Olive Oil are made with the most genuine ingredients. Each jar is filled with top-grade Porcini mushrooms, meticulously cleaned and hand-cut to ensure superior quality.
  • The basic ingredients include the prized Porcini mushrooms and high-quality olive oil. To enhance the flavor, we’ve added a touch of vinegar, salt, and select vegetable aromas.

Intense Aroma and Rich Flavor:

  • Our Porcini Mushrooms in Olive Oil undergo a preservation process that captures and preserves the intense aroma and rich taste of freshly harvested Porcini mushrooms.
  • Thanks to the use of olive oil, these mushrooms maintain their authentic texture and flavor, offering an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

Versatility in the Kitchen:

  • These Porcini Mushrooms are ready to be enjoyed on various occasions. You can serve them as an appetizer, accompanied by fresh bread or cheeses, to delight your guests’ palates.
  • They also make an exceptional condiment for stuffing sandwiches, focaccia, pizzas, or fresh pasta. Add a touch of elegance and authentic flavor to your favorite dishes.

With our Porcini Mushrooms in Olive Oil, you bring the authenticity of Sila Calabrese directly to your table. Every bite is a celebration of natural flavors and culinary traditions from this fascinating region. Packaged with love and dedication, these mushrooms are perfect for enhancing your special moments in the kitchen or sharing a unique gastronomic experience with friends and family.