Traditional Processing Methods

Welcome to the heart of authenticity and culinary passion of Sila Calabrese. In this captivating video, Mrs. Pina Chiodo, the guardian of family traditions, will lead us on a special journey through the history of our company and the land from which our exquisite mushrooms originate.

The untamed beauty of the Sila mountains and the richness of its forests have inspired the creation of our unique products since 1970. Our production has deep roots in our culinary tradition, inherited from our ancestors and passed down from generation to generation.

Through a palpable passion for gastronomy, Angelo and Pina have, in every single step, from mushroom gathering to artisanal processing, infused their products with love and dedication for the land and its culture.

Join us on this journey, where the past merges with the present, and tradition transforms into a unique culinary experience. We are proud to share with you our history and the authenticity of the products that bring the flavor of Sila Calabrese directly to your table.

Welcome to the essence of Funghi Chiodo.


  • The King of Mushrooms

  • Edulis, Aestivalis, Pinicula, …

  • Only Sila Mushrooms

Other Mushrooms from the underwood

  • Rositi (Lactarius deliciosus)

  • Portentosi (Tricholoma portentosum)

  • Chiodini (Armillaria mellea)

Trusted Collectors

  • Corporate Mycologist

  • Rigorous Controls

  • Fresh Products

Campana, our city

  • We are in Campana

  • Cosenza Province

  • Calabria Region

  • Italy

Firm Favorites

Popular Produce

Our flagship products feature the exquisite Porcini mushrooms in olive oil, the Porcini mushroom cream, and the Chestnuts in Mostocotto.