We believe in traditional values

Generations of Experience

Our production has a deep-rooted history dating back to 1970, and our products come to life through the art of traditional craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. Without the use of preservatives and with meticulous, entirely manual processing, following ancient customs, as it was done in the past.


The Family Business

Our company has a deeply rooted family character, born from the idea of Angelo Chiodo, originally a surveyor who evolved into a passionate connoisseur of fine gastronomy. It was Angelo who conceived many of the products that are still on the market today since as far back as 1970. His vision to celebrate the local terrain through the crafting of forest floor delicacies was passionately passed on to his sister Pina and his nephews, transforming the company into a genuine family treasure and a tangible example of ‘artisan resistance’!

From Farm to Table

The supply chain is exceptionally short and direct: from the lush undergrowth of Sila, our products make their way to our customers’ tables with minimal handling. This ensures that the original organoleptic characteristics remain intact, delivering the true essence of our region to your dining experience. Our preservative-free, vegetarian products, available in the finest delicatessens and restaurants across Europe, embody this commitment to pure, unaltered quality. Additionally, our company is dedicated to sustainability, thanks to a photovoltaic system that meets all of our energy needs.

The Family Business

Through personal anecdotes and a tangible passion for gastronomy, Pina will reveal to us how every single step, from mushroom gathering to artisanal processing, is infused with love and dedication for the land and its culture.

Join us on this journey, where the past merges with the present, and tradition transforms into a unique culinary experience. We are proud to share with you our history and the authenticity of the products that bring the flavor of Sila Calabrese directly to your table. Welcome to the heart of Funghi Chiodo.

Firm Favorites

Popular Produce

Our flagship products feature the exquisite Porcini mushrooms in olive oil, the Porcini mushroom cream, and the Chestnuts in Mostocotto.